Vanson Construction Consulting Services
Vanson Enterprises is a Woman Owned, 20+ year old provider of consultation, expert witness, engineering and land development services in Florida. Available services include estimating, engineering review, failure analysis, inspections with full video documentation, general feasibility consultation, civil engineering, transportation, eminent domain and expert witness services.

Featured Client
Derango Best & Associates
Real Estate Appraisal Services
Featured Service
Failure Analysis
Structural Integrity Challenges
Featured Consultant
Bob Wachter
Certified GC, LEED AP

Courteous, Timely, Experienced and Professional
You get services tailored to your specific needs with the concise documentation that you need. Call Vanson Consulting Servicesnow for a free consultation.

Energy Efficient, Earth Friendly Ideas
Does your organization need help GOING GREEN? Let Vanson Consulting's LEED Accredited Professionals steer you in the right direction. Vanson can provide solutions involving efficient insulation techniques, energy saving electrical systems & appliances, the latest in heating and cooling, solar power, cradle to cradle sustainability and more.

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